New Poll Shows Maryland’s Larry Hogan “Most Popular Governor in America”

A new independent poll showed that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is now the most popular governor in America with a remarkable 75% approval rating. In a highly divisive and polarized time, Hogan retains “exceptionally broad” support from Marylanders “regardless of party affiliation, gender or age,” including from 73% of Democrats, 78% of independents, 70% of African Americans, and 75% of women.

As pollster Patrick Gonzales noted, Hogan’s “astonishing” appeal across demographic and partisan divides has not been “witnessed in a politician before…anywhere.” According to former RNC Chairman and Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele, “Governor Larry Hogan sets a new standard for governance: bipartisanship.”

Governor Hogan – who was unanimously elected by his colleagues to lead the nations’ governors as chair of the National Governors Association (NGA) – has shown that it’s still possible to work across the aisle and to provide the common-sense leadership that Americans are demanding.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I started this week as Political Director of An America United, a national 501©4 advocacy group founded by Governor Hogan to break partisan gridlock and to support bipartisan, common-sense solutions. I’ll be working with Andrew Brightwell – the Political Director for the 501©4 Change Maryland. I formerly served as Communications Director for Congressman Ralph Abraham’s Louisiana gubernatorial campaign, as well as in different roles for the Republican Governors Association and Governor Chris Christie’s presidential campaign. Please feel free to reach me at

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Maryland Matters
Bruce DePuyt and Josh Kurtz
January 7, 2020

“According to the latest survey by Gonzales Research and Media Services, Maryland’s Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. ® is the most popular governor in America.

Seventy-five percent of voters surveyed said they approve of the job Hogan is doing; only 17 percent disapproved.

As in other surveys taken over the last five years, Hogan’s appeal is exceptionally broad. Regardless of party affiliation, gender or age, Marylanders approve of the job he is doing by a nearly five-to-one margin. That includes 73 percent of Democrats.

‘In this age of extreme political polarization, it is astonishing that men and women approve of Hogan in identical numbers, as do voters under 50 and those 50 and older,’ wrote veteran pollster Patrick Gonzales in a memo.

‘Further, in our 35 years of polling the voters of Maryland, we have never found a pol who was supported by 73% of Democrats, 77% of Republicans, and 78% of independents. These numbers indicate a versatile, Protean-like appeal we have not witnessed in a politician before…anywhere.’

‘The vast majority of Marylanders are right where he is,’ said former state Sen. Marty G. Madden ®, a one-time senior adviser to Hogan. ‘He’s steered Maryland right down the middle.’ Madden continued: ‘He’s kept his word, he respects people, he works hard. These are universally appreciated by all people, regardless of your party.’”

About An America United

An America United ( supports bipartisan, common-sense solutions to create more and better jobs, promotes fiscal responsibility, environmental protection, improving education, and rebuilding America’s decaying and neglected infrastructure.