Gallup Polling Reveals GOP Weak Spots on Environment, Infrastructure, and Partisan Dysfunction

New polling from Gallup sheds light on where the national Republican party remains vulnerable heading into the 2020 elections.

While voters report confidence in the U.S. economy and skepticism about proposed big government power grabs, Americans remain worried “about the quality of the environment“ and “strongly in favor of infrastructure improvement.” Despite the concerns of most Americans, “nothing significant has been done” on infrastructure, while the environment is not perceived to be a priority for the GOP.

In addition, Americans continue to say that the “most important” problem facing the nation is the failure of “their elected representatives to compromise in order to get things done.” This polarization has only grown in recent years.

The data shows that Republicans stand to gain by embracing common sense solutions to rebuild crumbling infrastructure, clean our environment, and diminish partisan dysfunction.

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