After Governor Hogan’s Bipartisan Advocacy, President Trump Endorses Nation’s Governors Request For $500 Billion of Fiscal Relief

After an aggressive advocacy campaign from Governor Hogan, President Trump has endorsed the National Governors Associations’ bipartisan request for $500 billion in emergency aid for states. At tonight’s White House press briefing, when asked about the aid, President Trump unambiguously endorsed the request, answering flatly “I’m in favor of it.” Earlier today, Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.) proposed a $500 billion fund for state and local governments.

As chair of the nation’s governors, Governor Hogan has been appealing to federal leaders on behalf of his colleagues for this support, noting it’s necessary to avoid cuts to state services that would devastate any potential economic recovery.

Just in the last week, Governor Hogan appealed directly to President Trump on multiple occasions and urged him to endorse this essential aid.