An America United and BenBella Books Announce Governor Hogan’s Book Tour; New Publication Date, Cover and Title For Still Standing

An America United and BenBella Books – the publisher of Governor Hogan’s upcoming book – announced today the schedule of Governor Hogan’s book tour, along with a new cover, publication date, and title of the book.

New Publication Date and Title: Still Standing: Surviving Cancer, Riots, and the Toxic Politics that Divide America was originally scheduled to be published on June 9th. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck Maryland, Governor Hogan delayed the publication date until July 28th.

Given Governor Hogan’s central role in leading the states during the pandemic, Still Standing will now include his behind-the-scenes story of this once in a generation event, offering one of the first historical accounts of how governors and the federal government responded during this crisis. As a result, the previous title of the book

“Still Standing: Surviving Riots, Cancer, and the Toxic Politics that Divide America” has been updated to “Still Standing: Surviving Riots, Cancer, a Global Pandemic, and the Toxic Politics that Divide America.”

New Cover:

About Still Standing: Still Standing is the inside story of an unlikely Governor leading through crisis and sparking a new kind of politics.

As the rookie Republican governor of deep-blue Maryland, Larry Hogan had already beaten some daunting odds. He had won a long-shot election the Washington Post called “a stunning upset.” He’d worked to quell Baltimore’s worst rioting in 47 years. He’d stared down entrenched political bosses to save his state from fiscal catastrophe, winning praise from Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

But none of that prepared him for the life-threatening challenge he would have to face next: a highly aggressive form of late-stage cancer. Could America’s most popular governor beat the odds again? The people of Maryland, with their “Hogan Strong” wristbands, sent him back to the governor’s office in a landslide. As Governor Hogan began his second term cancer-free, his next challenge went far beyond Maryland: bringing the nation’s governors and our divided country together for “urgent action” to confront a once-in-a-generation global pandemic.

Still Standing is a timely reminder that perseverance, compassion, and leadership in the face of unexpected obstacles is at the heart of the American spirit.

In his own own words and unique, plain-spoken style, Governor Hogan tells his story. A lifelong uniter at a time of sharps divisions. What the Washington Post calls a “forceful, can do” leader with practical solutions that take the best from all sides. An open-hearted man who has learned important lessons from his own struggles in life. The rare Republican unafraid of the president, whom National Journal touts as “well-positioned for a presidential run.”

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What They Are Saying About Still Standing:

“A must-read book that proves courage and leadership are indeed alive and well in elected officials.” — Governor Chris Christie

“The inside story of the political ‘nuclear explosion’ that elected and re-elected a Republican governor in America’s bluest state.” — Chris Wallace

“A great story about what strong, independent leadership really looks like.” — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Governor Hogan’s story is inspiring and one we can all relate to. He showed perseverance when facing what appeared to be insurmountable odds and came out on top.” — Cal Ripken, Jr

“An account of how America’s governors worked together to fight the unprecedented challenge of the coronavirus pandemic.” — Governor Andrew Cuomo

An America United Virtual Book Tour: From July 29th to August 14th, An America United will be hosting a book tour for Governor Hogan. As a result of the pandemic,

the book tour will be entirely virtual. To sign up for the virtual book tour, click here:

Each event will feature Governor Hogan, the following guests, and the following moderators discussing key themes of the book and the message of An America United:

**Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie: **This virtual event will be held on July 29th. New York Times bestselling author Ellis Henican will be moderating the discussion focused on “Breaking Partisan Gridlock.”

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: Bestselling author, magazine writer, and TV commentator Nina Easton will be moderating the discussion focused on “Breaking Partisan Gridlock.”

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice: This event will be held on August 6th. Bestselling author, magazine writer, and TV commentator Nina Easton will be moderating the discussion focused on “Leading Through Crisis.”

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush: This event will be held on July 31st. New York Times bestselling author Ellis Henican will be moderating the discussion focused on “Restoring Trust in Public Service.”

Group Events: Governor Hogan will be participating in the following events over the next few weeks:

July 21st: American Enterprise Institute with former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb

July 28th: The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute

July 30th: The Institute of Politics at Harvard University

August 12th: Hoover Institute

August 13th: No Labels

September 11th: Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

September 12th: World Affairs Council of Philadelphia Event

TBD: New America

About The Author: Larry Hogan is the 62nd governor of Maryland and chairman of the National Governors Association. Recently reelected in a landslide, he is only the second Republican governor in Maryland history to win a second term. Known for his practical solutions, his stark transparency, and his ability to work across party lines, he is also a survivor of late-stage non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His wife, Yumi Hogan, is the first Korean-American first lady in America. The Hogan live in the historic state capital of Annapolis.

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What They Are Saying About Governor Hogan:

“If the U.S. muddles through the current crisis, it will be because America’s governors stepped up to the plate—at least in part because of Hogan.” —Time magazine, April 2020

“I’ve been impressed by governors across the country, including … Governor Hogan and the many others who are … providing a model for us all to follow.” — Bill Gates on Twitter, March 2020

“Larry’s at the top of a list of leaders that I admire today because what’s happening here in Annapolis is the antithesis of what’s happening in Washington, DC, these days. Larry embodies the strong, independent leadership America needs now.” — Governor Jeb Bush, January 2019

“Governor Larry Hogan is showing that leadership isn’t restricted by politics.” — USA Today Editorial Board, March 2020

“One the nation’s model crisis leaders.” — Mark J. Rozell for The Hill, April 2020

“A leader solving the problems in front of him.” — Carly Fiorina, April 2020

“[Governor Hogan] comes up in most conversations about central figures

who could be well-positioned for a presidential run.” — National Journal, April 2020

“Larry Hogan can offer a serious and meaningful alternative to the corroded conservatism we have in Washington today.” — Brett Stephens for The New York Times, January 2019

“Hogan has shown an ability to win across party lines. He won re-election by double digits in Maryland, a state that last voted Republican in a presidential election in 1988.” — Chuck Todd on MSNBC, January 2019

“The Un-Trump Republican: In the shadow of the nation’s storm-tossed political epicenter, Larry Hogan’s governorship is seeming more and more like an intriguing test case for a radically different version of the Republican Party: What would it look like if a politician played to Trump’s electoral coalition while rejecting just about every element of the president’s personal style?” — Matthew Mosk for Washington Post Magazine, August 2017

“The rare Republican unafraid of the president.” —Yahoo News, April 2020

“To his immense credit, Mr. Hogan, a Republican in a state where Democrats enjoy a 2-to-1 advantage, has largely fulfilled that pledge, rejecting what he called ‘the extremes of either political party’ and taking a pragmatic, centrist approach to leadership that has been a tonic in a venomous era. In polarized times, he has stuck to the political middle, from where he has fashioned agreements that will benefit millions of Marylanders. That’s no easy feat.” — Washington Post Editorial Board, October 2018

“Now [Hogan] seems to be showing the country how to govern as a pragmatist and build bridges with Democrats.” — Jason Russell for The Washington Examiner, September 2016

“Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is a pragmatic, personable Republican who governs like a working class independent in a heavily Democratic state. He makes no apologies for his conservative principles, while welcoming those who don’t, giving him space to thrive in a blue state despite a president who often leaves him blue in the face.” — Adam Goodman for The Tampa Bay Times, January 2019

“[One] of the most lauded public officials during the coronavirus crisis.” — Politico, April 2020

“The lead GOP voice for urgent action on pandemic.” — The Washington Post, April 2020

“A leader in early action on coronavirus.” — NBC, March 2020

“Mr. Hogan, a Republican in a Democrat-loving state wields a hammer of

common sense amid a map of political avengers.” — Deborah Simmons for The Washington Times, April 2020

“In Maryland, Hogan has burnished his reputation as a forceful, can-do Leader.” — Robert McCartney for The Washington Post, March 2020

“Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has been among the most decisive and aggressive politicians in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.” — Jennifer Rubin for The Washington Post, March 2020

“Larry Hogan has handled the rise of Donald Trump better than any other Republican politician. Hogan is a rare bird in American politics, a broadly popular Republican governor in a very blue state. Hogan has acquired a reputation for affable, moderate pragmatism and assembled a coalition spanning Republicans, independents, and conservative Democrats.” — Andrew Egger for The Weekly Standard, June 2018

“What is equally surprising—and more welcome, as a reminder to Americans that the country was not always so fractious and polarised—[Hogan] has built his career on bipartisanship and compromise.” —The Economist, October 2018

About An America United: An America United supports bipartisan, common-sense solutions to create more and better jobs, promotes fiscal responsibility, environmental protection, improving education, and rebuilding America’s decaying and neglected infrastructure. Governor Hogan is donating all of the proceeds from Still Standing to An America United.

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