An America United Announces Support of Pro-Law Enforcement, Tough on Violent Crime Gubernatorial Nominees

ANNAPOLIS, MD — An America United today announced contributions to pro-law enforcement and tough on violent crime gubernatorial candidates across the country. Governor Hogan has been a national leader on supporting our men and women in law enforcement, enacting a $500 million re-fund the police initiative while the far-left was calling for them to be defunded.

Yesterday, Governor Hogan held a crime roundtable in Portland, Oregon with Republican gubernatorial nominee Christine Drazan. In recent weeks, Governor Hogan also held law enforcement roundtables to promote An America United’s crime plan in Nebraska and Iowa. On Monday, Governor Hogan wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, “with violent crime rising across America and police recruitment, retention and morale at all-time lows, it’s important that we begin reversing the damage by electing pro-law-enforcement leaders.”

“Now more than ever, the brave men and women of law enforcement across our country need elected officials who will have their backs. We are proud to support these leaders who will follow Governor Hogan’s example of supporting law enforcement and holding violent criminals accountable,” said An America United Executive Director David Weinman.

An America United has made contributions to the following candidates:

Oregon Republican gubernatorial nominee Christine Drazan: In 2020, Oregon was one of the centers of the defund the police movement. A former Minority Leader of the Oregon House of Representatives, Christine Drazan has released a Roadmap for Oregon’s future that proposes to “regain the trust and confidence of law enforcement, fully fund state police and increase the number of law enforcement officers with competitive salaries and hiring bonuses.”

Nevada Republican gubernatorial nominee Sheriff Joe Lombardo: After 26 years serving in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Joe Lombardo was elected Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada in 2014, reducing overall crime in Clark County by 16.9% between 2015 and 2021. Sheriff Lombardo “believes fully funding the police is essential to public safety, and he will always support Nevada law enforcement.”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp: While Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams co-chaired a group that has supported defunding the police, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has been a strong supporter of law enforcement, recently signing seven bills into law all focused on supporting the recruitment of officers and creating tougher punishments for criminals.”

New Mexico Republican gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti: New Mexico gubernatorial nominee Mark Ronchetti is running on a platform to fund and support the police, end catch and release, and target dangerous illegal drugs.