An America United Releases New Ad: “First-In-The-Nation”

An America United released a new ad, first reported in the Daily Caller, highlighting Governor Hogan’s efforts to deliver relief for Marylanders from high gas prices amid the global energy crisis.

While President Biden stated he “can’t do much” to lower gas prices, last week, Governor Hogan became the first governor in America to sign into law a first-in-the-nation emergency suspension of the gas tax. The bill passed both chambers of Maryland’s legislature with unanimous support. The average price of gas in Maryland has fallen by around 47 cents since the tax was paused. This action was possible thanks to Maryland’s record budget surplus under Governor Hogan.

Governor Hogan is also calling on the Biden administration to reverse its anti-energy policies and restore America’s energy independence. Earlier this month, he joined 24 other governors in making this request.

Watch “First-In-The-Nation” here.