An America United Releases New Video: “Peace Through Strength”

On the week of the seventh anniversary of the 2015 Baltimore riots, An America United released a new video, highlighting Governor Hogan’s leadership during a challenging period for the city.

In contrast to the failed responses to riots across America in the Summer of 2020, Governor Hogan immediately returned law and order to Baltimore by deploying 4,000 national guard and 1,000 state police officers. According to Governor Hogan, “this was Ronald Reagan’s idea, peace through strength.” However, he also walked the streets of Baltimore, meeting with community leaders and hearing their concerns.

“When Baltimore needed a leader to secure the peace, Governor Hogan showed what it means to put people before politics. Seven years later, as cities across America suffer the consequences of failed leadership in the Summer of 2020, America needs more leaders to recognize that strength and compassion do not have to be mutually exclusive.” — David Weinman, An America United Executive Director

Watch “Peace Through Strength”