An America United Releases New Video: “Real Bipartisan Action”

An America United released a new video today highlighting how Governor Hogan’s leadership in Maryland is providing a national model of real bipartisan leadership.

Governor Hogan signed into law the RELIEF Act of 2021, which provides over $1 billion in emergency tax cuts and economic relief for Maryland families, small businesses, and those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. While Washington is once again retreating to its partisan corners on COVID relief, Governor Hogan successfully passed this legislation in record time with near unanimous support from an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature.

Watch “Real Bipartisan Action” Here

While taking action in Maryland, Governor Hogan is urging President Biden and Republicans in Congress to follow his lead by working together to forge a bipartisan compromise on COVID relief. Last week, he appeared in a No Labels ad campaign arguing a bipartisan compromise is “the only way to stop the vicious cycle of divisiveness and dysfunction” in Washington.

On Friday, Governor Hogan met with President Biden in the Oval Office to discuss federal COVID relief negotiations. According to Governor Hogan, “there is no reason why [President Biden] and Republicans in Congress cannot forge a compromise that addresses the nation’s top priorities in this crisis.”


Narrator: In a time of crisis, when Americans are yearning, Washington is once again retreating to its partisan corners.

Meanwhile, just down the road in Maryland, we’ve just seen what real bipartisan action looks like.

News Anchor: Governor Hogan praising the state for passing the RELIEF Act.

Governor Hogan signs a $1.5 billion COVID relief bill that will pour money into the pockets of people and businesses.

Narrator: In just a little over a month, Governor Hogan got this relief deal done with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Governor Hogan: We really are setting an example for the rest of America about how you can put aside your party differences to get things done.

In Washington, we’re pushing for eight and a half months to get a stimulus bill done.

Here in Maryland, we got that done in a couple of weeks.

Narrator: Tax cuts and economic relief for small business and struggling families.

Governor Hogan: As a Republican in the bluest state in America with a legislature that’s 70% Democrat and yet we’ve still been able to accomplish a heck of a lot.

Speaker Jones: We have a governor who sees that we all represent the same people.

Governor Hogan: The bonds that bind us together as Marylanders are greater than all that divides us.

We will get through this together.

Narrator: Washington, take a page from your neighbor, and take Hogan’s lead.

We need unity, healing, and bipartisan action.

Governor Hogan: And I think if we can be successful here in Maryland, then there’s no place in America where that won’t work.