An America United Releases Proposals To Increase Education Opportunity: “The American Dream Can’t Only Run Through Harvard”

ANNAPOLIS, MD — As Governor Hogan is set to speak at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government at 6:00 PM ET tonight, An America United released a four-point education proposal.

While President Biden’s student debt transfer will only make crippling levels of inflation even worse, raise the cost of college, and burden future generations with even more debt, Governor Hogan writes in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on on how Maryland has set a national model for how to expand economic and educational opportunities outside of college. An America United’s (AAU) common sense proposal is modeled based on what Governor Hogan has already achieved in Maryland.

“A good education is the foundation to career success, but there’s a fine line between investing in developing the talents of the next generation and subsidizing needless credentialism on the taxpayer’s dime. The American dream can’t only run through prestigious universities like Harvard,” said Governor Hogan.

An America United’s four-point plan includes:

  1. Stop Requiring College Degrees For Jobs That Don’t Need Them
  2. Drastically Expand Successful Apprenticeship Programs
  3. Improve Career Readiness in K-12 Schools
  4. Limit Executive Power To Unilaterally Forgive Student Loans

View An America United’s full plan here.