As Governor Hogan Advocates For Bipartisanship, Congress Passes “Wave of Bipartisan Bills” While “Biden’s Big Plans Stall”

According to NBC News, Governor Hogan’s push to restore bipartisan problem solving in Congress is delivering results. As President Biden’s agenda stalls, “Congress suddenly racking up modest yet consequential victories, from protecting victims of sexual abuse and improving mail delivery to making the U.S. more competitive with China.”

In December of 2020, The New York Times reported that Governor Hogan was leading a push for “lawmakers to embrace centrist policies” and bipartisan problem solving in a new Congress. Since that time, Governor Hogan hosted the Annapolis infrastructure summit that produced the framework for the bipartisan infrastructure bill while leading the fight to get the bill done. Governor Hogan has repeatedly applauded his friend Senator Manchin for rejecting President Biden’s partisan policies in favor of a bipartisan approach. In recent weeks, Governor Hogan has been advocating for Congress to protect our democracy by passing a bipartisan fix to the Electoral Count Act.

The recent momentum for bipartisanship proves Governor Hogan’s argument that two-party solutions are still possible if leaders are willing to put partisanship aside and focus on areas of common ground.