Axios: Governor Hogan Leads Bipartisan No Labels “Respect The Vote” Ad Campaign

Axios reported that Governor Hogan is teaming up with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin “for a $1 million-plus national ad campaign” from No Labels, urging patience and respect for the electoral process as votes continue to be counted.

“The world is watching. What happens in the coming days and weeks will define America for decades to come,” Hogan says in a statement launching the campaign. “I know emotions are running high, but we need to keep faith in the voters and our democracy … Let the process work, just like it has every four years for over 200 years.”


Senator Manchin: America is the greatest Democracy the world has ever seen. But Democracy requires that we each be responsible.

Governor Hogan: We cast the votes. We count the votes. And we respect the results.

Senator Manchin: Lost that and we lose everything.

Governor Hogan: We’re Republicans and Democrats who believe first we’re Americans. And we have a message for all Americans, we’ll get through this together.

Senator Manchin: It’s our duty to respect our Democracy and work for America’s future.

Governor Hogan: The American ideal is too important.

Senator Manchin: On January 20th, we’ll swear in a President.

Governor Hogan: And when we do, we all stand ready to work with him. Together.

Senator Manchin: Together.