Governor Hogan Appears on CBS and Fox News To Advocate For Infrastructure, Re-Funding Police

Governor Hogan appeared on CBS’ “Morning’s” and Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” to discuss his years-long push for a bipartisan infrastructure bill and his national advocacy for “re-funding the police.”

Governor Hogan On The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: “Both parties have failed for decades, and we’re finally at the goal-line about to get it done for the American people, and we just need Congress to put aside their differences and really get it done.”

Governor Hogan On The Reconciliation Negotiations: “The progressives in the House hijacked this entire thing…It’s the progressives that have been the problem, demanding wasteful spending on social programs. Trying to somehow conflate that with infrastructure is crazy. It’s also showing weakness on the part of the President who said that this was his signature achievement to get this bipartisan agreement…and now it’s a train wreck.”

Governor Hogan On Re-Funding The Police: “I think it’s resonating really, really well, particularly among the people that are victims of crime in places like Baltimore City where we have 300 murders a year. We had a Baltimore City councilman calling for the abolishment of the police.

We’ve got people all over the country calling for defunding the police. And I said ‘how are you going to make defunding the police better by taking away the funding?’ It’s like saying we want to improve education by defunding the schools. It’s absurd and ludicrous. It’s far-left lunacy.

So I said, ‘we’re going to re-fund the police.’ We’ve put $150 million more in police so we can do better recruitment and retention and better training, teach de-escalation techniques, pay for body cams, more community policing. It’s going to help us do a better job of connecting with the inner city communities, but it’s also going to stop the violent crime.”

Watch Governor Hogan on CBS’ “Mornings” here.

Watch Governor Hogan on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” here.