Governor Hogan Calls Out President Biden’s Self-Serving and Divisive Speech

Governor Hogan is continuing to hold President Biden accountable for abandoning his campaign promise to work towards bringing the country together.

After President Biden was elected, Governor Hogan warned the President-elect that though “placating the far-left base of the party may have been an effective campaign strategy, but it is not a viable approach to governing. Joe Biden now must choose whether he wants to be a unifier or a progressive activist.” Nearly two years later, it’s clear the path that President Biden has chosen, governing from the left and delivering a speech to attack Trump supporters as “semi-facists.”

According to Governor Hogan, “this angry and divisive rhetoric may be good politics for his party but it’s not what he promised and it’s bad for the country…If President Biden is truly serious about threats to democracy, then he would condemn the tens of millions Democratic groups have spent promoting extremists threatening democracy.”