Governor Hogan Demonstrates “Common Sense” and “Leadership” on Testing, Schools

In case you missed it, articles from The Washington Post and The Hill are applauding Governor Hogan for his “common sense” and “leadership” in this crisis. In recent days, Governor Hogan has successfully “banded together” a group of seven governors “to drive the manufacturing and purchase of rapid screening tests on a large scale” and issued an order to prevent private and parochial schools from being treated differently than public schools.

Read The Washington Post Here: “Seven governors have taken matters into their own hands, demonstrating common sense and leadership. The governors, including Republican Larry Hogan of Maryland, have banded together to form a consortium, with help from the Rockefeller Foundation, to drive the manufacturing and purchase of rapid screening tests on a large scale.

Other governors and mayors should sign up immediately…These seven governors — and, we hope, many of their colleagues — are showing that the nation does not have to be left adrift. Leadership counts.”

_Read The Hill Here: _“Health Commissioner Travis Gayles kicked off the furor when he issued an order saying that private schools could not offer in person instruction until the start of October. This order notably came the day after public schools qualify for state aid based on their enrollment…It was so transparently authoritative that it unleashed the backlash by indignant parents who took action in social media groups that would attract thousands of followers in a matter of hours.

Hogan first issued a strong statement condemning the decision. Then he overrode the county with an order of his own, effectively allowing private schools to reopen. The parents, pastors, rabbis, and principals for private schools cheered…Kudos to the leader who wants students to have more options.”