Governor Hogan Discusses Future of GOP and Country on Reagan Institute Podcast and Reagan Education Event

Governor Hogan recently joined the Reagan Institute Summit on Education (RISE) to discuss the state of education in Maryland and across the country.

Governor Hogan also joined the Reagan Institute’s podcast, Reaganism, to discuss his lifelong work in the conservative movement, the future of the Republican Party, and governing as a Republican in deep-blue Maryland.

Watch Governor Hogan at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education Here.

Listen to Governor Hogan on Reaganism Here.

Governor Hogan On COVID Safety Measures in Schools: “We’ve put about $1.2 billion into the schools for heating and air conditioning, ventilation systems. We’ve provided unlimited amounts of PPE to keep people safe. Schools have made all kinds of alterations to make sure that they kept the kids safe over the past year. We were the first state in the nation to start vaccinating teachers, which started in January. Nearly every single teacher that wanted a vaccine has gotten a vaccine…We think we’ve got a good plan to get all our kids back in school, and I think it’s critically important.”

Governor Hogan On Youth Mental Health After the Pandemic: “We’ve put nearly $100 million into our school systems for upgrading mental health counseling, putting more money in to make sure that we can identify at risk youth and provide the services that they need. We put more money into tutors to help kids to get caught up from when they’ve fallen behind.”

Governor Hogan On Accountability in Education: “I pushed for accountability measures at the state because if the state taxpayers are going to be investing all these billions of dollars in improving our kids’ opportunities and giving them a better chance for a better future, we want to make sure that they’re spending that money wisely and that the parents and teachers and students and taxpayers are getting their money’s worth and that those dollars are doing the most good by giving kids more of an opportunity and giving them the education they deserve.”

Governor Hogan On Getting Democratic Legislature To Pass Tax Cuts: “In the middle of COVID and the economic recovery, I am the only Republican governor to get a majority Democratic legislature to pass tax cuts. We did it every year but this year we did the largest tax cut in history, $1.45 billion, to kind of help struggling families and small businesses during the pandemic, to let them keep more of their own money in their pockets.”

Governor Hogan On Fighting For Conservative Values Wisely: “I’ll stand up and fight for the things that I really believe in. I’ll fight for the things that are important, for the values we care about, but I’m not just going to pick fights to pick fights. I think sometimes we care more about winning arguments than achieving solutions to the serious problems. By necessity in my state, I can’t just pick fights on every single issue and call names to all the Democrats, or I would never get anything done. I wouldn’t have had the huge success that we’ve had in our state.”