Governor Hogan Discusses His Bipartisan, Straight Talking Leadership Approach With CBS, FOX News

Governor Hogan recently spoke to Fox News and CBS News about how he’s maintained overwhelming support in Maryland by being willing to reach across the aisle and tell the truth.

Governor Hogan on Being Independent: “They always call me a moderate. I’m really a common-sense conservative, a lifelong Republican who’s right of center on just about everything. But I didn’t always toe the line and say exactly what – I wasn’t swearing allegiance to or agreeing with a guy on every single issue when I didn’t…I just give answers rather than spin.”

**Governor Hogan on Reaching Across the Aisle: **“I’m in the bluest state in America – a state that President Trump lost by 33 points. To get anything done, I absolutely have to work across the aisle to get things done. My legislature’s 70% progressive Democrats. We’ve made enormous progress, including last year, the largest tax cuts in history. Nearly unanimously through a Democratic legislature. I was the only Republican governor in America to cut taxes with a Democratic legislature. There are certain things we stand up and fight on, but there are also a lot of things where we can find middle ground.”

Governor Hogan on the Exhausted Majority: “All I can see is a lot of frustrating divisiveness and dysfunction in Washington and a lot of finger-pointing on both sides. I think Republicans — some of them continue to be focused on the past and their view of what happened in 2020. And Democrats I think are moving too far to the left, way away from where the of the country is. And I think about 77% of the people are just really frustrated.”

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