Governor Hogan Discusses Respect The Vote Campaign, Future of GOP on PBS Firing Line with Margaret Hoover

Governor Hogan appeared on PBS’ Firing Line with Margaret Hoover to discuss the election results and the future of the Republican party.

Governor Hogan argued that the election proved “there is a great window of opportunity” for a GOP “that speaks to everyone…cares about working families…expresses how they’re going to help them, and who are willing to work and get things done instead of just nothing but dysfunction.”

“In race after race…Republican candidates up and down the ballot far outperformed the President,” including “a number of right-of-center, common sense conservatives” Governor Hogan “campaigned for..almost all of whom were successful.”

Governor Hogan also discussed the bipartisan “Respect the Vote” campaign he’s leading, urging Americans to “keep faith in the voters and our democracy.” Earlier this week, No Labels launched a ad campaign featuring Governor Hogan and Democractic Senator Joe Manchin, reassuring Americans that “we’ll get through this together.”

Watch Governor Hogan on PBS Firing Line with Margaret Hoover