Governor Hogan Hosts Venezuela’s Legitimate, Pro-Democracy Ambassador At Maryland State House

Governor Hogan is continuing to show his clear support for freedom and democracy in Latin American and across the world.

Yesterday, he hosted Venezuela’s Ambassador to the US Carlos Vecchio at the Maryland State House. Vecchio represents President Juan Guaido in Washington, who is recognized as the legitimate leader of Venezuela by the nation’s National Assembly and more than 60 governments including the United States.

In March, Governor Hogan met with Cuban, Venezuela, and Nicaraguan pro-Democracy leaders and activists in Miami. During the visit, Governor Hogan made a clear statement condemning Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro as the Biden administration makes overtures to his regime. According to Governor Hogan, “the energy crisis cannot be solved by robbing the people of Venezuela of their dreams of freedom. That’s not what America stands for. Maduro makes common cause with Putin because he is a vicious dictator, not an American ally.”