Governor Hogan Joins 21 Other Republican Governors in Letter To President Biden Calling For Common Sense Solutions To Reduce Cost of College Instead of Student Debt Transfer

As out-of-control inflation continues to harm American families, Governor Hogan today joined 21 other Republican Governors in a joint letter criticizing President Biden’s Student Debt Transfer plan as “regressive.”

In Maryland, Governor Hogan has led on enacting common sense solutions to expand economic opportunity and make college more affordable, including targeted tax relief incentivizing home ownership, public service participation, and job opportunities, initiating programs to make community colleges more accessible, and launching a first-in-the-nation initiative to eliminate the four-year degree requirements from thousands of state jobs. Governor Hogan has argued that Biden’s Student Debt Transfer plan will only worsen inflation and the cost of college, calling it “a really bad idea, at the worst possible time.”