Governor Hogan Joins “CBS This Morning” On Anniversary of January 6th

Governor Hogan joined “CBS This Morning” on the anniversary of January 6th.

Governor Hogan On The Way Forward: “We can either embrace the truth of what happened with the election and what happened with January 6th, or we can be destroyed by lies.”

Governor Hogan On Truth About January 6th: “It has been an incredible disinformation campaign. To think that these were patriotic tourists that were coming to look at statues when 130 some Capitol police officers were assaulted. We had five people die. They were breaking through the windows of the Capitol…We’ve got to put our country above party. We take an oath to stand up and defend the Constitution of the United States. We’ve just got to tell it like it is…If you look at what happened on January 6th and you play the tape of all of the leaders of Congress on both sides condemning the attack on the Capitol and talking about the President needed to call off these folks and that he was responsible for inciting some of this, and now it’s as if everyone…has a completely different version of the facts. But just go back and play the tape. Everyone knows what happened here.”

Governor Hogan On President Biden’s Leadership: “There is a real divide here in America…My party is not the only one to blame. I know Joe Biden said he was going to bring the country together, but we’re more divided than ever. And the extremes of both parties are tearing the country apart..I want to focus on bringing the country together…The country can’t continue to go in this direction.”

Watch Governor Hogan on “CBS This Morning” here.