Governor Hogan Joins CNN’s “State of the Union” To Discuss His Call For The End of School Mask Mandates, Future of GOP

Governor Hogan joined CNN’s “State of the Union” to discuss his call for the Maryland State Board of Education to end mask mandates in schools and his fight for the future of the Republican party.

Governor Hogan on School Mask Mandates: “We’ve got the lowest case rate in America in Maryland, and we’re really making tremendous progress. We lifted our statewide mask mandate back last May but the school systems, which are autonomous and have their own authority, I don’t really have direct control over them. But we’re recommending very strongly that they lift it and that’s what all of our epidemiologists, virologists, and public health doctors are suggesting.”

Governor Hogan on CDC Guidance: “I do think the CDC is so far behind. They’ve had confusing and delayed decision-making and confusing guidance. I think there’s a general consensus. We were at the White House with all the governors a week or so ago and [there was] nearly universal bipartisan support for moving forward and putting this thing behind us and not living fear of the virus, but to look for finding a way to live with it. And it’s going to be endemic for a long time, but the kids have suffered so much.”

Governor Hogan on the Future of the GOP: “I’ve been speaking out loudly and strongly about this battle for the soul of the party. To say it’s legitimate political discourse to attack the seat of our Capitol and smash windows and attack police officers and threaten to hang the Vice President and threaten to overthrow the election, it’s insanity. There’s a circular firing squad where we attack Republicans. The Republican party that I want to get back to is the one that believes in freedom and truth and not one that attacks people who don’t swear 100% fealty to the Dear Leader.”

Governor Hogan on Blocking Biden’s Far-Left Agenda: “I consider myself a common sense conservative. I have been a lifelong Republican. I believe that that’s where most people in America are…There are certain things that we want to stand up to President Biden on. Inflation is out of control and we’re talking about trillions in more spending. We want to make sure that we do stand up and speak out.”

Watch Governor Hogan on CNN’s “State of the Union” here.