Governor Hogan Joins CNN State of the Union, NPR As He “Stakes Claim to Big-Tent Republicanism”

Governor Hogan joined CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper and NPR Weekend Edition to discuss the ongoing COVID-19 response, his leadership during the 2015 Baltimore riots, and his advocacy for a big-tent Republican party.

As Governor Hogan discussed on NPR this weekend, his personal fight against cancer has impacted “everything I do as a governor,” giving him more “empathy” and making him unafraid “to stand up and say what I think.” Governor Hogan argues “cancer is pretty scary. Nothing else really is going to scare me away from anything.”

According to The Hill, as a result of Governor Hogan’s blunt, honest, and effective leadership in Maryland, he has staked his “claim to big-tent Republicanism…Whether or not Trump wins reelection this year, Hogan says his brand of politics can lay out a new marker for the direction of the GOP.”

Watch Governor Hogan on CNN State of the Union with Jake Tapper Here

Listen to Governor Hogan’s Interview on NPR Weekend Edition Here