Governor Hogan Joins Hugh Hewitt To Discuss Governing As A Conservative In A Deep Blue State

Governor Hogan joined Hugh Hewitt to discuss governing as a conservative in a deep blue state.

Listen to Governor Hogan on Hugh Hewitt Here.

Governor Hogan On Governing In A Blue State As A Conservative: “Look, I was a Chairman of Youth for Reagan. I’ve been a lifelong Republican…I’m a pretty conservative guy. We’re in the bluest and probably most progressive state in America…I have a legislature that’s 70% liberal Democrats. In order to get anything done, I have to find compromise…We’ve been successful in cutting taxes seven years in a row. Our economy is booming. We’ve pushed back against a lot of very progressive policies.”

Governor Hogan On Why He Ran For Governor: “I’m a lifetime small business guy. I never held elective office before…It was frustrating for me that they had raised taxes literally 43 different taxes in an eight year period. I was so angry and frustrated about that I said someone has to do something about this. Nobody believed we could that in Maryland…We have cut taxes by a couple of billion dollars.”

Governor Hogan On Infrastructure Negotiations: “We’re trying to get a compromise deal in Washington right now. The Republicans came up and said we only want it to be very limited in scope…Biden came up with this crazy, radical $2.3 trillion package that more than half of it was not infrastructure…I think infrastructure has the potential to help us really boom the economy and put more people to work, and we should be able to find a compromise. This is something that Republicans and Democrats have talked about for years.”

**Governor Hogan On State Of The GOP: **“I think we need to be really focused as Republicans about pushing back on the Biden agenda, and it seems like we’re so disorganized and arguing with each other that we’re not putting up an effective fight. We have a radical agenda coming through the Democrats…The Republicans instead of putting up an effective argument…We’re in this intramural squabble…That’s not the way we’re going to win.”