Governor Hogan Joins L’ATTITUDE Conference To Spotlight Contributions of US Latinos

Governor Hogan recently joined L’ATTITUDE, a national conference of business, media, and political leaders to spotlight the contributions of U.S. Latinos in Maryland and across our society.

Watch Governor Hogan’s interview at L’ATTITUDE here.

Governor Hogan On The US Latino Economy: “Latino Americans have contributed so much to the country. The prosperity of the United States and that of its hispanic population are completely linked and they’re integral to our national fabric…The US Latino GDP is one of the three fastest growing economies in the world. In the past two years, the US Latino GDP growth has been double the US economy as a whole. And, while Latinos make up only 20% of the population, they are generating over 30% of the growth of our overall GDP over the past two years. It’s absolutely critical to the country that we continue to see these kinds of successes.”

Governor Hogan On Latino Voters: “I believe that common sense conservative principles can appeal to many, if not most, Latino voters. And more Latino Americans identify as conservative than identify as liberal. I’m a lifelong Republican, I’m just not a Donald Trump Republican. George Bush won 44% of the Latino vote in 2004, and President Reagan won 37% of the Latino vote in 1980, and I won the Latino vote in 2018. What I tell members of my party is that no one will listen to our message unless they believe that we are listening to them, and we are never going to grow a big tent for the GOP nationally unless we do a lot more listening. And, quite frankly, successful politics is about addition and multiplication, and it’s not about subtraction and division. We’ve been doing a lot more subtracting and dividing lately, and unnecessarily turning off a wide swath of voters.”

Governor Hogan On Immigration: “We have to remember what makes this nation great. We’re a nation of immigrants. My great-grandparents left Ireland with nothing but their clothes on their back. My wife is a first generation immigrant from South Korea. Everybody is coming to this country for the same reason, looking for dreams of a better future in America…To them, America is that shining city on a hill that Ronald Reagan talked about. That’s the America that we need to preserve for the next generation.”

Governor Hogan On Washington’s Immigration Policy Failures: “Look, the border is a problem. We do need a secure border, but we also have to have a real immigration policy that makes sense and quite frankly it’s not just the Republicans that have failed. It’s been the Democrats that have failed as well. We’ve been talking about trying to fix this for decades and it seems that all they do in Washington is argue back and forth, and fight, and never get anything done.”