Governor Hogan Joins NBC’s ‘Meet The Press with Chuck Todd’ to Discuss the Future of the Republican Party

Governor Hogan today joined NBC’s ‘Meet the Press with Chuck Todd’ to discuss the state of the Republican party and the conservative movement.

Governor Hogan on Parental Rights in Education: “I think it’s an important issue…People are concerned about this as I travel around the country. Most people just don’t think we should be talking about things like sex to young kids, and the parents want to be more involved in the decisions about what their kids are being taught.

However..demanding that things be done a certain way, or you can’t say that, we’ve got to be really careful. I’m a small-government, common sense conservative and, to me, it sounds like big government.”

Governor Hogan on Donald Trump: “I put the country ahead of party, and not put somebody in that should not be the president. …

I don’t care that much about my future in the Republican party. I care about making sure we have a future for the Republican party…

I think we’ve got to get back to a bigger tent party that can appeal to more people. Otherwise, we’re going to keep losing elections.”

Governor Hogan on RNC Loyalty Debate Pledge: “Well, I think it’s kind of silly because it’s not going to happen…If they say you’re not going to be on the debate stage if you won’t commit to support the nominee then President Trump won’t be on the debate stage, and I don’t think anyone believes that that’s going to happen.”

Watch Governor Hogan on NBC’s “Meet the Press with Chuck Todd” here.