Governor Hogan Meets With Cuban, Venezuela, and Nicaraguan Pro-Democracy Leaders and Activists in Miami

Governor Hogan met with Cuban, Venezuela, and Nicaraguan pro-Democracy leaders and activists in Miami.

As was first reported by FOX News, during the visit, Governor Hogan made a clear statement condemning Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro as the Biden administration makes overtures to his regime. According to Governor Hogan, “the energy crisis cannot be solved by robbing the people of Venezuela of their dreams of freedom. That’s not what America stands for. Maduro makes common cause with Putin because he is a vicious dictator, not an American ally.” Governor Hogan was the first governor in America to suspend the gas tax in his state and has called on the Biden administration to reverse its anti-energy policies.

During the visit, Governor Hogan met with former Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and other leaders at the InterAmerican Institute for Democracy, a pro-democracy think tank.

Governor Hogan later joined a roundtable discussion at the Bay of Pigs Museum, also known as the Brigade 2506 Museum and Library, which is the official museum dedicated to the memory of those who fought for Cuba’s freedom during the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

Governor Hogan heard stories of the struggle for freedom across Latin America and received a tour of the museum from Johnny Lopez de la Cruz — US Army colonel and President of the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association.