Governor Hogan Offers Better Path Than Nation’s Divided Politics in State of the State

Governor Hogan delivered his final Maryland State of the State as governor. Governor Hogan gave the address from Maryland’s Old Senate Chamber, where George Washington resigned his commission to Congress as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. This was the first peaceful transition of power from a military government to a civilian government in human history.

In the speech, Governor Hogan quoted Washington’s warning that partisanship would create a “spirit of revenge” that would undermine the “reins of government” and lead to the “ruins of public liberty.” Governor Hogan said, “to those who say that America is too divided, that our political system is too broken and can’t be fixed, I would argue that we have already shown a better path forward. And if we can accomplish that here in Maryland, then there is no place in America where these very same principles cannot succeed.”

Watch Governor Hogan’s State of the State here.

Governor Hogan on COVID-19 Recovery: “My message to you tonight is that we must all learn to live with this virus, not to live in fear of it. We can’t let it continue to dictate how we live our lives. … Of course we will continue to follow the data and the science, and we’ll keep fighting back with everything we’ve got. But make no mistake about it, we are moving forward full speed ahead, and we will continue to lead the nation in both health and economic recovery.”

Governor Hogan on Violent Crime: “Tonight, on behalf of all the people who are sick and tired of all of the senseless violence, I’m calling on the leaders in both parties, in both houses, to immediately pass and send to my desk the Violent Firearms Offender Act to increase penalties for those who use guns to commit violent crimes, and the Judicial Transparency Act, because the public has a right to know about the sentences judges are giving or not giving to the most violent offenders.”

Governor Hogan on Tax Relief: “Our fiscal health and our economy are stronger than they have been in decades. But changing Maryland for the better means continuing to help the working families and seniors on fixed income who are getting squeezed by inflation and higher costs…Over the course of our administration we have been successful in passing targeted retirement tax relief for our military retirees and for our hometown heroes, our law enforcement, fire and rescue, corrections, and emergency personnel. But that’s not enough.”

Governor Hogan on Re-Fund The Police: “Homicides and violent crime waves are surging in nearly every major city all across the country. And the violence terrorizing our neighborhoods and cities is made worse by divisive politics and the demonization of the dedicated men and women who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. Law enforcement agencies in Maryland and across the nation are struggling to attract and retain qualified officers. There could not possibly be a worse time for anyone to call for defunding the police or for cutting funding for public safety.”