Governor Hogan Outlines Expanded Re-Fund The Police Proposal, Introduces Bills To Hold Violent Criminals Accountable

Governor Hogan held a press conference to announce the expansion of his re-fund the police initiative to a $500 million program, including historic salary increases and bonuses for law enforcement officers. Governor Hogan also once again introduced common sense bills to hold repeat violent criminals accountable, urging legislative leaders to “put politics aside and pass these emergency crime bills.” Governor Hogan’s crime bills have passed through the State Senate for two years in a row, but the House of Delegates has refused to act each time.

As Fox News has reported, An America United has been advocating for greater support and resources for police across the country by spotlighting the re-fund the police initiative in Maryland. According to Governor Hogan, “even in the most progressive cities all across the country, leaders are now following our lead and admitting that instead of defunding, they need more investment in public safety.”

Watch Governor Hogan’s press conference here.