Governor Hogan “Recovery Budget” Sets National Model on Common Sense Conservative Governance

Governor Hogan unveiled his FY 2022 Recovery budget that sets a national model on common sense conservative governance during difficult economic times.

Thanks to belt-tightening early in the pandemic, Governor Hogan’s budget includes immediate tax relief for those who need it most during the pandemic, including working families, small businesses, and first responders, as well permanent tax relief for retirees to protect the state’s long-term economic recovery.

Governor Hogan’s proposal also achieves record investments in K-12 education, public health, and crime prevention. Despite substantial revenue losses from the national economic downturn, Governor Hogan has proven that it’s possible to provide significant economic and tax relief and fully fund critical priorities – without passing on any debt to future generations.

Here’s what they are saying about Governor Hogan’s “Recovery Budget”:

Washington Post: “The proposal does not include a tax increase or layoffs of any essential state workers, Hogan said, adding that the state managed to stave off both with ‘a little belt-tightening and a bit of luck.”

Associated Press: “The Republican governor’s top priority this session is his pandemic relief proposal. It includes payments of up to $450 for individuals and $750 for families that have claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit. Hogan also is proposing ending local and state income taxes on unemployment benefits. The plan includes allowing Maryland restaurants and small businesses to keep up to $12,000 of sales tax over the next four months.”

Capital News Service: “Despite economic turmoil brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Larry Hogan announced a budget aimed at providing economic relief to Marylanders while also funding essential services.”