Governor Hogan Releases Recovery Road Map For Nation’s Governors

As Chair of the National Governors Association, Governor Hogan released a new road map yesterday for the nation’s governors as they lead their states toward recovery.

The report – which is informed by many of the national experts like Scott Gottlieb and Tom Inglesby advising Governor Hogan in Maryland – outlines the ten key steps states need to take for recovery, such as expanding testing capacity, scaling capacity for contact tracing, and protecting at-risk populations. According to The Dispatch, the guidance is much “more detailed” than the current federal road map.

View the report here.

Tomorrow, Governor Hogan will be releasing in greater detail his “Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery” plan. As he discussed with POLITICO Playbook this morning, Governor Hogan has announced major progress on Maryland’s key building blocks for recovery throughout this week, including securing more than 500,000 tests from South Korea, reopening Laurel Hospital to add an additional 135 beds for COVID-19 patients, and negotiating an expansive contract tracing initiative that will be able to track up to 1,000 cases per day.

Watch Governor Hogan’s Interview with POLITICO Playbook Here