Governor Hogan Renews Nation’s Governors Bipartisan Call for Emergency Aid for States

In case you missed it, on a call yesterday with The White House, Governor Hogan once again renewed the nation’s governors bipartisan request for federal emergency fiscal relief for states.

This came the same day that a unified coalition of state and local organizations, business groups, labor unions, and others wrote to U.S. Senate leaders appealing for this immediate aid that’s essential for the economic recovery. State and local governments have already shed 1.5 million workers since March and will be forced to lay off another 4 million workers “without several hundred billion dollars in budget relief.” According to a recent poll from the Pew Research Center, over three-quarters of Americans, including strong majorities of Republicans and Democrats, support this emergency measure.

Governor Hogan has been leading the national, bipartisan effort to secure $500 billion of this vital aid for the states since March.