Governor Hogan’s Book Tour Launch Prompts National Conversation on GOP’s Future

In case you missed it, the announcement of Governor Hogan’s virtual book tour for his upcoming book, “Still Standing: Surviving Riots, Cancer, a Global Pandemic, and the Toxic Politics that Divide America,” has prompted a national conversation on the future of the Republican party after 2020.

Here’s what they’re saying about the GOP’s future post-2020:

_The Washington Post: _“Will there be room in the Republican Party for moderates after Trump is gone? Could one such Republican even win the party’s presidential nomination? If it’s at all possible, Hogan seems like the kind of person who could do it. While he has plenty of critics, the fact that he was elected — and reelected — in Maryland, and has maintained high approval ratings, shows that he’s a savvy politician who knows how to navigate challenging terrain. In a state in which Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than 2 to 1, Hogan was reelected in 2018 by a 12-point margin.”

**FOX News: **“Hogan, who won reelection in 2018 to a second term steering the blue state of Maryland, said in his book, ‘I do talk about my vision. My thoughts about where the Republican Party’s future should be. About the broken politics in America and how we should fix it. Some ideas about where the country should head.’

Asked if there will be an appetite for such ideas among 2024 Republican primary voters, the governor predicted that ‘the vast majority of people in America – regardless of what happens in this November’s election – are going to remain really frustrated with the political process – and regardless of who wins.’ He forecast that ‘people are going to be looking for a different direction. I think people are frustrated with the divisiveness and dysfunction and the state of our politics today. It’s hard to tell how wide that audience is.”

**CNN: **No matter what happens this fall, the Republican presidential nomination will be open in 2024. Which means that even before we find out whether President Donald Trump will be finishing up his second term or Joe Biden will be ending his first, the jockeying for what the post-Trump Republican Party will look like has already begun….And Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is one of the earliest movers in that early fight to be the new (or next) face of the GOP…The best politicians are the ones who see where their party and the country is headed (Bill Clinton in 1992, Barack Obama in 2008) before everyone else. Maybe Hogan is that guy.”

The New York Times: “Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland, a popular Republican governor who has drawn national attention for publicly challenging President Trump on the coronavirus, announced on Tuesday that he was starting a virtual book tour for his new memoir, elevating his profile.”