Governor Hogan Signs Into Law Bipartisan Bills To Hold Violent Criminals Accountable and Promote Manufacturing

Governor Hogan signed 103 bipartisan bills into law, including measures to hold violent criminals accountable and promote manufacturing jobs.

The Judicial Transparency Act — a longtime priority of Governor Hogan — will require information to be published on the sentences that are handed down by judges for violent crimes. Meanwhile, the More Jobs For Marylanders Act will extend Governor Hogan’s successful More Jobs For Marylanders program, which provides tax incentives to new and existing manufacturers that locate or expand in Maryland.

This comes after a legislative session where Governor Hogan delivered on common sense conservative priorities, including the largest tax cut in state history and record funding for a ‘re-fund the police’ initiative. Governor Hogan was also the first leader in America to suspend the gas tax and the only Republican governor in America to overturn Democratic gerrymandered maps.

Governor Hogan’s continued success proves that it’s still possible to work across party lines to get things done for the people.