Governor Hogan Takes Additional Steps to Provide Financial Relief, Communicate Clear Guidance, Unity, and Hope During Pandemic

Governor Hogan held another press conference today to announce additional measures providing Marylanders financial relief during the coronavirus crisis, including banning mortgage lenders from initiating the foreclosure process, extending the ban on residential evictions to commercial and industrial property renters, and prohibiting the repossession of cars and motor homes. Last month, Governor Hogan announced a $175 million relief package for Maryland’s workers and small businesses.

In his remarks, Governor Hogan also called on all Marylanders to participate in a moment of reflection and prayer for doctors, nurses, first responders, and the victims of COVID-19 at noon this Sunday. Governor Hogan has been pursuing a “coordinated messaging strategy” to “get all Marylanders to grasp the seriousness of the situation,” provide hope and clear guidance, “and remind them ‘we’re all in this together” through press conferences, local and national media appearances, and social media campaigns.

Just yesterday, the Governor participated in Twitter’s #AskTheGov event to take questions and answer concerns from Marylanders, released a video message to all Marylanders, and interviewed with CBS This Morning to highlight the work of Maryland’s National Guard in saving lives during this crisis. He has also sought out iconic Maryland sports figures – including Ravens coach John Harbaugh, legendary Maryland men’s basketball coach Gary Williams, Ravens Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, and Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky – to record and post videos offering encouraging messages about how we can get through this challenge together.

In addition, Governor Hogan continues to use his platform and role as chair of the nation’s governors to sound the alarm to the nation about the growing threat to essential federal workers in the national capital region – who are on the frontlines of the coronavirus response – and the severe shortage of the critical medical supplies necessary to fight the pandemic. Although cases in the national capital region of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C have continued to grow rapidly, newly released FEMA documents reveal the agency has provided only a fraction of the personal protective equipment and critical medical supplies requested by Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Watch Governor Hogan on CBS This Morning Here

Watch Governor Hogan’s Message to Marylanders Here