Governor Hogan Urges Congress To Ignore The Extremes And Take Bipartisan Action On Infrastructure On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”

Governor Hogan appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to promote a new No Labels ad, urging Congress to ignore the “extremes” working to kill the bipartisan infrastructure bill and listen to the 72% of Americans who support it.

Governor Hogan On Getting Things Done in Washington: “This is something that Republicans and Democrats have talked about really for decades without ever accomplishing anything. We all know that with all the divisiveness and dysfunction in Washington rarely ever do we find bipartisan compromise on an important issue. And on this one, we have.”

Governor Hogan On Forging The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: “No Labels didn’t just get behind the effort. We actually started the effort and crafted the current proposal that’s about to be passed in the Senate. Right here, in the governor’s mansion in Annapolis, we brought for the first time unprecedented Republican and Democratic governors, senators, congressmen and hammered out the basis of this deal…From the center, we got Democrats and Republicans trying to come up with a solution.”

Governor Hogan On Why The Extremes Oppose The Bill: “You’ve got Donald Trump saying to blow it up, they shouldn’t vote for it because he didn’t accomplish anything on infrastructure for four years. And you got the far-left saying we didn’t get everything we wanted. Well, that’s not what compromise is about. It’s about trying to find that middle ground where we can all reach agreement, and, amazingly, we have. And we just got to get it done.”

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