Governor Larry Hogan Joins CBS News’ “Face The Nation” To Urge Rejection of Toxic Politics

Earlier today, Governor Hogan joined CBS News’ “Face The Nation” to continue highlighting how toxic politics from both parties is harming the country and urge his party to focus on common sense conservative solutions.

Governor Hogan On President Biden Calling Republicans “Semi-Fascists:” “It’s that kind of divisive rhetoric on both sides that’s really bad for America…If Republicans are calling Democrats Socialists and Communists and we have the President of the United States calling Republicans Fascists, I don’t think it adds to the overall discussion. We ought to just discuss the differences we have on the issues and focus on the problems that most people in America want us to focus on.”

Governor Hogan on Biden’s Debt Transfer: “I think it was the wrong solution at the wrong time. It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire. Inflation is out of control. It’s an issue we’ve tried to solve in Maryland by holding the line on tuition, by giving scholarships to community colleges, by removing the requirement for four year degrees, by trying to make interest deductible on your student loans off of your taxes. But just handing out money to people and being unfair to the people who worked hard to pay off that debt, and pouring that money into the inflationary economy is really bad.”

Governor Hogan On The Republican Party Future: “This should be a really huge year for Republicans just because of the failures of the democrats who are in control of everything, and Biden’s low approval ratings. But we could blow it by nominating unelectable people and that’s exactly what’s happening across the country, and why the wave is going to be more of a ripple, rather than a tidal wave.”

Watch Governor Hogan on CBS’s “Face The Nation” here.