Governor Larry Hogan Joins Washington Post Live To Discusses Securing Bipartisan, Common-Sense Results

Governor Larry Hogan joined the Washington Post Live Series: “The Technology 202: The Future Infrastructure Workforce” to discuss his leading role in passing the federal bipartisan infrastructure bill.

In Maryland, Governor Hogan is continuing to set an example for the rest of the nation on how to secure bipartisan common-sense results, recently signing into law over 200 bipartisan bills on vital issues, including measures to cap the cost of insulin, expand the state’s commitment to fight dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, allow paramedics and EMTs to administer vaccines, prevent opioid overdoses statewide, direct more funding to local governments for infrastructure improvements, and additional steps to divest from Russia.

Governor Hogan On Building Support For The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: “I was chairman of the National Governors Association, and I choose to focus on rebuilding America’s Infrastructure. I spent from 2019 to 2020 trying to get all of the governors on board with recommendations. And all of our suggestions became part of this infrastructure bill. I hosted an unprecedented summit in Annapolis where I brought in Governors, Senators, and congressmen from both sides of the aisle and we really pushed to get this done…I think this was a great example of how we can actually come together in a bipartisan way.”

Governor Hogan On The Labor Shortage: “It’s one of the biggest challenges that we face. We need to make sure that our workforce development programs can keep up with the demand for more skilled workers. We recently launched an initiative, it’s a first of its kind in the country, which removes the college degree requirement for thousands of state jobs. We’re looking to recruit people who developed skills through alternate routes. It’s a big issue that we got to continue to focus on as a nation is the lack of folks in the labor force.”

Governor Hogan On How Maryland is Leading On The Supply Chain Crisis: “We’re really proud that the Port of Baltimore is one of the top ports in America. We have very little or no supply chain problems with our port. We’re breaking records month after month, year after year. There certainly are issues of lack of supply, but as far as getting goods in and out, we have none of the problems that California are experiencing or the west coast.”

Watch Governor Hogan’s interview here.