“I’m Really Proud of The Job Their Doing”: Governor Hogan Discusses Leadership of Nation’s Governors on PBS​

Governor Hogan appeared on PBS to discuss how he’s continuing to lead “governors across the country working together” to save lives.

As chair of the nation’s governors, Governor Hogan commented that as he’s led discussions with the governors, he’s been “really proud” of his colleagues for working together and across party lines to fight “the common enemy” of the virus.

Yesterday – while wearing a mask – Governor Hogan also held a press conference at the Baltimore Convention Center, which has now been turned into a field hospital ahead of schedule on the state’s hospital surge plan. At the press conference, Governor Hogan announced new unprecedented actions, including activating the nation’s first “strike teams” to provide additional support to nursing home facilities.

Governor Hogan also directed the Maryland Department of Health to release all available data on the racial and ethnic breakdowns of COVID-19 cases, issued an order empowering local health departments to shut down any businesses, establishments, or construction sites that they deem unsafe, and launched a Coronavirus Rumor Control Page with the best information from medical professionals “to separate fact from fiction.”

Watch Governor Hogan on PBS Newshour Here