ICYMI: Governor Hogan Joins Ruthless Podcast To Discuss Delivering Conservative Results in Deep-Blue Maryland

Governor Hogan joined the Ruthless Podcast to discuss how he’s successfully governed and delivered results as a common sense conservative in one of the bluest states in the country.

Listen to Governor Hogan on the Ruthless Podcast here.

Governor Hogan On His Record of Results: “We cut taxes eight years in a row by 4.8 billion dollars. We eliminated 14,000 regulations. We took our economy from 49th to six, the biggest economic turnaround in America.”

Governor Hogan On Winning In Deep-Blue Maryland: “It’s the toughest state in the country. It is the bluest state in the country if you go by presidential election results, and we’ve been really successful. And I’ve been arguably in the top three most popular governors in the country for eight straight years among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, and that’s hard to do…Successful politics is about addition and multiplication.”

Governor Hogan On His Pragmatic Conservatism: “I’m a lifelong common sense conservative. I was a chairman of youth for Reagan. I’m a solid conservative, but we’re winning battles on really important things just because we’re not maybe out there making as much noise on Twitter…We’re working hard, standing up for the things we believe in, but I also, by necessity and by just, you know, the way I actually believe, I think you have to work across the aisle to get things done.”