In Trip To New Hampshire, Governor Hogan Urges Focus on Common Sense Conservative Solutions, Not Angry and Divisive Rhetoric

In case you missed it, in a trip to New Hampshire this week, Governor Hogan urged both parties to focus on finding common sense solutions to issues like inflation, crime, and education, instead of more divisive rhetoric and “relitigating the past.” This Summer, An America United has released plans of action to confront the inflation and crime crises facing Americans.

Here’s what they’re saying about Governor Hogan’s trip:

Fox News: “Hogan emphasized that ‘Joe Biden ran saying he was going to try to bring the country together and that we needed to lower some of the kind of divisive angry rhetoric and yet this is pretty divisive, angry rhetoric and name calling and a little bit over the top and so I think it’s a mistake.”

WMUR: “During a visit to New Hampshire on Tuesday, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Republicans can sweep this year’s midterm elections if they stay focused on the right issues…’I think it’s really important for us to focus on the things that people really care about,’ Hogan said. ‘The Democrats are in control of everything in Washington. The economy’s a mess. Inflation is out of control. People are concerned about crime and education, and I think that’s what Republicans ought to be focused on, as opposed to relitigating the past. We’ve got to look to the future and talk about that we have better ideas.’”

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