Independent Expert Analysis From Princeton Awards Straight “As” For Fairness To Governor Hogan’s Maps, Failing Grades To Legislature

A new analysis from a team of nonpartisan academic and legal experts at Princeton University finds a huge fairness gap between Governor Hogan’s maps that were drawn by citizens and the legislature’s maps that were drawn in a backroom by partisan politicians.

All of the people’s maps that Governor Hogan will submit to the legislature received straight As, while all four of the draft maps from the partisan politicians in the legislature received Fs.

Maryland is already one of the worst gerrymandered states in the nation. The last Maryland governor to preside over redistricting, Martin O’Malley, admitted under oath that he rigged the process to elect more Democrats.

Since he took office, Governor Hogan has been fighting for non-partisan redistricting reform. When the legislature refused to act on this reform, Governor Hogan ceded his power to draw redistricting maps to an independent and non-partisan commission of citizens, which developed fair maps through dozens of open meetings and thousands of comments from the public. In contrast, the legislature’s gerrymandered maps were drawn without public transparency by politicians running for re-election.