Nearly 90% of Black Marylanders Support Governor Hogan's Common Sense Solutions to Support Police and Stop Violent Crime

With murder skyrocketing across the country, Governor Hogan has been a national advocate for re-funding the police and common sense policies to get tough on violent crime. According to new polling, this push has the overwhelming support of Marylanders including black Marylanders.

Last week, Governor Hogan announced a series of actions to tackle the violent crime crisis, including fast-tracking and expanding neighborhoods safety grants program, ordering a review of funding for the state’s attorney’s office, and urging the Baltimore Police Department to redouble tactical efforts in high-crime areas. The Governor is also renewing his push to pass legislation to significantly toughen penalties for offenders who illegally possess guns or supply firearms to criminals and to publish detailed information on the sentences that are handed down by judges for violent crimes.

According to recent polling first reported by the Washington Free Beacon, 88% of black Marylanders support Governor Hogan’s re-fund the police proposal. Meanwhile, more than 80% of all Marylanders support Governor Hogan’s proposals to crack down on violent crime.

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