New Poll: Americans Overwhelming Support of Governors in Coronavirus Crisis Crosses Party Lines

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, Governor Hogan has argued that despite the divisions at the federal level, “Americans are more united than we’ve been in decades.”

According to new polling from The Washington Post, Americans are overwhelmingly united behind their governor’s coronavirus response with 49 out of 50 governors in America maintaining coronavirus approval ratings above 50%.

The poll shows that this support largely crosses party lines. Four out of the five governors with the highest ratings govern in states that voted for the opposing party in the last presidential election, including Governor Hogan at 85% and Governors Charlie Baker, Phil Scott, and Chris Sununu all at 82%. Tellingly, overall average support for Republican and Democratic governors is nearly identical.

The poll is more proof that Americans will overwhelmingly support leaders – regardless of party – who work to bring people together to support common-sense solutions, especially in a crisis.