New Poll: Majority of Voters in Swing Districts Support Governor Hogan’s Common Sense Infrastructure Approach

According to new polling released to The Hill, a majority of voters in key swing districts oppose spending more than $1 trillion on any infrastructure or “economic plan.” Meanwhile, “there still appears to be widespread support for a bipartisan approach to an infrastructure overhaul, with the majority of voters in each of the 10 districts saying that Congress should only move forward on legislation if it has the backing of both parties.”

This comes as Governor Hogan continues to advocate for a bipartisan and targeted infrastructure bill. Earlier this month, Governor Hogan wrote a CNBC op-ed outlining a potential infrastructure compromise that would focus on real, physical infrastructure, as well as “investments in the future like broadband, grid modernization, resiliency and clean energy that will grow our economy and enhance our national security.” This compromise proposal, which aligns with Governor Hogan’s National Governors Association’ initiative, would cost around $1 trillion.

Governor Hogan is also praising “more than a half-dozen lawmakers, including Republican Sens. Mitt Romney (Utah), Susan Collins (Maine) and Rob Portman (Ohio) and Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.)” for working to find a compromise. Nearly all these lawmakers attended Governor Hogan’s Annapolis infrastructure summit in April, where a bipartisan group of governors, senators, and House Problem Solvers Caucus members unanimously endorsed a bipartisan and targeted bill.

Read The Hill’s Report Here.