New York Times Editorial Board: Follow Governor Hogan’s Lead on Rewarding Skills and Hard Work, Not Credentialism

In case you missed it, over the weekend, The New York Times editorial board urged more leaders to follow Governor Hogan’s lead on re-focusing the labor market from needless credentialism to rewarding skills gained through alternative pathways.

Last year, under Governor Hogan, Maryland became the first state in the country to do away with the four-year college degree requirement for thousands of state jobs. An America United’s four-point plan titled “The American Dream Can’t Only Run Through Harvard” proposes to remove similar barriers for entry into the workforce at a national level.

According to a recent opinion piece from The Washington Post, “Hogan struck a blow for the notion that a bachelor’s degree does not automatically represent job-relevant skills and experience and that there are other ways — community college, military service, apprenticeship — to obtain them.” National Review also writes that this approach “should be a no-brainer for conservatives.”

Governor Hogan’s common sense approach shows that leaders who are focused on cutting across political divisions — rather than exploiting them — can find solutions that both expand economic opportunity and growth.