On Behalf of Nation’s Governors, Hogan Urges Trump Administration to Break Senate “Logjam” on Relief for States

As chair of the nation’s governors, Governor Hogan is urging the Trump administration to help break the “logjam in the Senate” that’s holding up bipartisan and essential aid for the states.

Over a month ago, the nation’s governors outlined that states will need $500 billion to prevent cuts to “essential services” that will “devastate the economic recovery and our efforts to get people back to work.” Despite the “dire” fiscal position of states and their key role in the economic recovery, the recently passed federal CARES Act contained no funding to address drastic state revenue shortfalls.

Earlier today, Governor Hogan led another teleconference call with the Vice President, The White House, and the nation’s governors to coordinate the national response to the pandemic. During the call, Governor Hogan pressed the case of the nation’s governors directly to the administration on the need to break the current “logjam in the Senate” in order to pass emergency aid for states.

Governor Hogan has also repeatedly spoken to the leaders of Congress in both parties about the “immediate” need for this aid.