PROMISES KEPT: Governor Hogan Secures Major Bipartisan Agreement For Largest Tax Cut in Maryland History

Governor Hogan announced a historic bipartisan agreement to provide $1.86 billion in tax relief for Maryland retirees, small businesses, and low-income families — the largest tax cut in Maryland history. This tax cut package will be even greater than the one passed into law with near unanimous support last year, which was the largest tax cut in Maryland history at the time. Last week, Governor Hogan also signed into law a first-in-the-nation emergency suspension of the gas tax.

This agreement is more proof that Governor Hogan continues to set an example for the rest of America on how to actually deliver real common sense conservative results — instead of just offering more platitudes and empty rhetoric.

View Governor Hogan’s statement here and below.

“Today, amid surging inflation and rising prices, we are announcing the largest tax cut package in state history with major and long-overdue relief for Maryland’s retirees,” said Governor Hogan. “Cutting our state’s retirement taxes is something we have been trying to accomplish for seven years, and I want to thank the leaders of the General Assembly for working with us to get this done for Maryland’s seniors. This agreement will deliver on our promise to provide real, long-term relief for hard-working Marylanders dealing with inflation and higher prices, and help create more jobs and more opportunity to continue our strong recovery.”