“Sign This Bill:” Governor Hogan Pushes For COVID-19 Relief on ABC, CNN

Governor Hogan appeared on ABC’s ‘This Week’ and CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ to urge President Trump to sign the COVID-19 relief compromise bill. According to Governor Hogan, “for eight months we’ve been trying to get a stimulus package through.” While Governor Hogan and the Problem Solvers Caucus “brought everybody to the table,” President Trump failed to raise objections. Now, unless President Trump signs this bill, “millions of people are going to suffer.”

As Governor Hogan noted, “it’s not enough. It doesn’t solve all the problems. But it’s something. And if the president wants to come up with more money to help more people, terrific. Let’s sign this bill now so we can start getting our unemployment benefits out right away, and then quickly pass another bill.”

Watch Governor Hogan on ABC’s ‘This Week’ Here

Watch Governor Hogan on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ Here