Washington Examiner: Governor Hogan Fights Special Interests To Get Maryland Children Safely Back in the Classroom ​

The Washington Examiner reports that Governor Hogan is fighting to give every Maryland child the opportunity to safely get back into the classroom, blaming teacher union bosses for blocking evidence-based reopening plans.

Although the authority to open schools rests with elected school boards, every country school district has been authorized by the State of Maryland to resume in-person instruction since August. As Governor Hogan discussed on CNN last night, Maryland has also provided more than $1 billion to upgrade school buildings, sent one million COVID-19 test kits to school districts, and moved teachers to the front of the line for vaccinations.

Last month, Governor Hogan held a press conference to call on every country school system to reopen by March 1st, pledging to use every legal tool at his disposal to achieve that goal. 22 out of the 24 county school systems in Maryland have announced they are meeting this deadline, while the remaining two have also outlined plans to resume in-person instruction.

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