What They Are Saying: Governor Hogan Meets With “Granite State Business Leaders” To Promote An America United’s Inflation Relief Solutions

In case you missed it, on a trip to New England, Governor Hogan unveiled An America United’s five-point inflation relief plan to provide struggling Americans real and immediate relief. Here’s what they are saying about Governor Hogan’s trip:

**FOX News: **“The governor is expected to use his meetings with Granite State business leaders to hear how record inflation is impacting their industries, and to promote his proposed solutions contained in An America United’s five-point plan to provide struggling Americans with immediate economic relief.”

CBS News: An America United’s plan “proposes cutting government spending and adjusting tax rates for Social Security benefits and child tax credits and includes more energy-based policies, like a suspension of the federal gas tax and restarting work on the Keystone XL pipeline.”

**ABC News: **“The blue-state conservative plans to highlight his inflation relief plan.”

**Washington Examiner: **“Hogan is in the Granite State to speak with local business leaders about the effect of skyrocketing inflation on the economy and to promote his plan to mitigate its impact.”

**WMUR: **“Hogan is also unveiling a roadmap for dealing with inflation in Washington, calling for cuts to taxes, spending, and regulations, a reversal of energy policies that increase oil prices and suspending the federal gas tax.”

**New Hampshire Union Leader: **“Hogan spent most of Tuesday promoting his ‘Inflation Relief Now’ plan.”